Hey, you've reached a staging and development server in California, USA.

Not much here, so you're probably looking for someone else.
Looking for the San Francisco-based Madfish Group?
We also get a lot of visitors from the UK, looking for these guys:

If you're looking for Madfish Rods custom fishing rods site, they're at madfishrods.com.

If you're trying to find the Madfish restaurant(s), SCUBA shop, winery, bootmakers, or record label, try this search. Or if you are one of those fishes and want your own link here, email Liz and let's talk. (Especially if you're the guys who make the boots. Those rock.)

Madfish Mail

There are so many madfishes out there that we decided to offer email forwarding. Mostly because it makes us sad to see so many real messages get thrown out unread (these are usually meant for people at similar domains, we've noticed). So if you want an email address at madfish.com and it's not taken yet, we'll forward your email to an addresss you specify for $10 a year.

Get your @madfish.com address now

Address you want — just type the address, and where it should go. Like "trout@madfish.com to madtrout@gmail.com"
Please allow 24 hours for us to confirm and activate your email forwarding address. If it's taken, we'll refund your money and ask if you have any second choices. Or you can just ask Liz first.

Not looking for Madasafish? Maybe you want Liz or Tater?

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